Monday, March 24, 2008

Sinead and the two Bobs

ok so the story goes like this...

Sinead O'Connor goes on SNL 3 October 1992 and for the second song, she performs a cover of Bob Marley's "War"

but she changes the lyrics towards the end to CHILD ABUSE because she had just done a bunch of research and found out that the Catholic Church KNEW about priests abusing children in Ireland but didn't do anything about it. she herself was abused as a child (not by a priest but her own mother) and devoted her life to advocacy for children and victim's of child abuse.

so she tears up a picture of the pope at the end and says "Fight the real enemy"

People in the press and in the USA go nuts over it and get super pissed off that she would do that. they had stunts in NYC where they gathered up all of her cds and bulldozed them.

13 days later she's to perform one of her hit songs "The end of our Acquaintence" at a Bob Dylan tribute concert. Here's the video of her performance there:

So crazy that she blew that story up in the face of the American public almost 15 years before it became "real news" and headlines here

People were so quick to judge her without actually hearing what she was saying. And now they turn and say "oh look at the muslims protesting the cartoon of mohamed, what ignorance."

And the parallel between Bob being boo'd at Newport for pushing the music into a new place, and then her doing the same thing, and being boo'd for it at a Dylan tribute concert just furthers the example of goddamn american hypocrites

oh yeah, and another reason why she rules... she refused to play any arena that would have the national anthem played on the loud speakers before her concert. she said she'd never support any country that would openly and deliberately censor its artists,
specifically the USA. (remember the PMRC!)

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