Sunday, August 3, 2008

the goods right now

here's a list of the music rocking my GMINI right now. All of these are spot on excellent perfect rad greatness:

Bad Brains - Build A Nation

production value at first really bugged me. Whiteycamp INSISTED i give it another chance. now, i'm actually really appreciative of the scope of bad brains type songs they have on here. all different from straight forward h/c songs, more chugga chugga metal type songs, and some really good reggae songs. religion/christ haters beware.

Harvey Milk - Life... the best game in town.

saw them last night for the first time and they completely floored me. Totally and completely blew me away. it sounded so amazing. they did songs from a bunch of different albums. first track off this record was amazing. the addition of joe preston to the group is of course a brilliant one.

Torche - Meanderthal

this is the next level. they've taken it where weezer, hammerhead, sonic youth, and helmet all wished they could have gone, but never put it together. it is the heaviest loudest fasted most abrasive pop album i've ever heard. seen them twice this summer and this record sounds like their live show, not vice versa.

side note to the above two reviews.... both bands play the beatles in their live performances... harvey milk "a day in the life" and torche "i want you (she's so heavy)"

Black Angels - Passover

when reviews say "oh it sounds like psychedelic rock" they actually mean garage rock and prog. psychedelic rock was Jefferson Airplane, not Pink Floyd. Black Angels is psychedelic rock. I thought it was a woman singing til i saw pictures. still could be a woman, but he probably identifies as a man. either way, amazing voice, great lyrics, album sounds great. they're probably huge and hyped but i don't pay attention so it doesn't matter to me. its good.

Sepultura - Arise

I fucked up and thought this album was Rise, for the last 11 years. every time i saw it i thought, oh man, that later stuff sucks, i only like beneath the remains. but it never made sense to me how they got from beneath to chaos a.d. then i heard arise, and my mind was shattered. its actually a really good thing, since i now have a new sepultura album to listen to over and over and over and over and over and over. Slam Dunk LOVES this album.

Jay Reatard - Blood Visions

I LOVE THE ADVERTS. This is the new adverts album never heard before, as performed by someone named Jay Reatards. Seriously, he nailed it. Sounds exactly like the adverts, with a bit of the buzzcocks and the spits thrown in. Even covers the Adverts "we who wait"

Racebannon - Acid or Blood

I'm not saying i've heard this record yet because it was leaked on the internet and is going to be released on the 12th into my loving ears. Im just saying that if i were to happen to hear this new album and worship it as the soul brother continuation in smashism from the southeast (we'll act like chicago is in the southeast for this hypothetical situation) then yes, this album would be IT or THE ONE or NUMERO UNO or EL GRAN TORRISMO or whathaveyou. sick sick sick all over myself.

Immortal Technique - The 3rd World
This is a revolutionary rap album by a very angry man, and i like that because i find myself to be very angry most of the time. i'm not into rap very much, because usually people talk about stupid shit, and the whole point is talking so say something cool. IT says more than enough for all rappers. He'd probably agree that there are 2/3s of the scene that could retire since he showed up. All of it is worth it just for OPEN UP YOUR EYES, a song that outlines the struggle of the people of south america for the past 100 years.

i'll post more later. that should keep you busy for a while.