Tuesday, November 3, 2009

on the road

i{ve joined with my good friends John Meyer and Zafer Ulkucu to drive down to Guatemala to make a documentary on people that are waiting for 2012. John{s been there a couple of times and recognized most recently that more and more people are headed down there.

a few short stories:

we stayed with Heiges in LA, as we had to go to a camera store there before headed out to Austin. met a guy there named Josh who told us that his buddy is in prison, and just recently there was a prison fight race war between white dudes and mexican dudes. one of the mexican dudes got stabbed and his last words were "you made me miss 2012"

we{re now in oaxaca. on the way out of the hotel, a mexican guy comes out of his room. "hey dudes, where's the good canibus" ha. we started talking to him about shit, he said he lived in LA and was hitchhiking all over Mexico. we told him we were going to guatemala, and he wanted to go. he said he was just in the yucatan hanging out at a pyramid and said there was lots of other people there, by themselves, really not knowing why they were there. we said we were making a movie on 2012 and he said "shit, that might be it. being drawn back down here for that to happen. who knows, makes sense tho, why else would all these people be hanging out a pyramids by themselves down here, clueless as to why"

The three of us are going to spend another day here, and then head further south. hopefully we'll be in quetzaltenango by the end of the week. so far the trip has been:
Oakland to LA to Austin to Laredo to a 10 building town on the side of 85 just slightly north of San Luis Potsi to D.F. to Oaxaca.

the toll roads have been two lane, very fast, good condition, expensive, and they route around major cities. the roads just outside of D.F. were totally insane, driving in that city was super easy to get lost, but we made it through there not too bad. the roads outside of oaxaca were one lane, very fast, way up in the mountains, and you have to pass even over double yellow lines, into on coming traffic. it was freaky at first but i got the hang of it. we almost died once though, as i tried to pass a double long trailer semi and half way in the pass, a bus came up in the other direction with no place to move over. so i had to slam the breaks and swing the car right at the last second, missing both the bus and the semi, and only landing one of our bags in the back onto Zafer's noggin.

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