Wednesday, July 30, 2008

kevin seconds

i used to be a HUGE 7seconds fan. I mean huge. Not just knew all the records, sang in a tribute band, had the shirt, saw them perform a few times, talked to Kevin Seconds, spread crazy rumors about them to up their cred with the chugga chugga h/c kids, etc. but HUGE as in one night i decided that every sentance and statement spoken by me or anyone around me would be validated with the shout, 7SECONDS! I must have said it 500 times before first being shouted down "Go back to Reno!" then finally being ducttaped at the mouth.

I found Kevin Seconds has a blog, and his post from May 11th, 2008 is pretty fucking heavy. Explains where he's coming from as far as a musician that is still makeing songs, just not 7Seconds songs. He comments on the reaction of the "kids" today, his songwriting, getting feedback from his peers, etc. Its pretty powerfull stuff.

It also reenforced to me that sure, there are great creative works of art coming from all over the place in all different forms from all types of people. The people made it, but its not them. They are just products made public and should be taken as that. The synthesis, result, sometimes garbage, of the process the person went through.

What I really love is when the work shows a glimpse into a PERSON that is great work of art. When you can just see little bits of pieces into their core, their psyche, their motivations for living their life and it sticks to what I think is as close to authenticity as we're going to get THESE DAYS. (and you know what i mean by, theeeese days, right?)

So while I'm not into Kevin's new solo acoustic stuff, it doesn't matter, because I just know that guy is a ruler. I've seen, read, and heard 33 YEARS of bits and pieces of his mind. He's actually proven, to me at least, that he's someone that deserves to be rich and famous. Which means through this fucked up karmic universe of ours, he won't be. Only douchebags from other early 80s hardcore bands from Lodi, NJ that also had singalong anthemic songs then went on to solo projects of garbage techno music or stupid goth chamber music get to be rich and famous.

"You inspire me intensely
Without any doubt.
You keep me thinking, help me try,
Show that I can do without,
With you there's more foundation,
More than any other time,
And when it comes to you my heart is true,
Until the day I die"
7Seconds "TRUST" from the album THE CREW

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